Program: Complete Re-Conceptualization of Exhibition, Lobby, Auditorium, Administrative, and Curatorial Spaces Within A Historically Classified Museum.

Program Area: 27,000m2

Location: Tirana, Albania


Our proposal for the National Historical Museum puts forth a history in two curatorial parts: The History of History and The History of the Future. Architecturally, we split the building into two equal halves, creating a “50/50” organization within the shell of the museum.

The History of History is a constructed history. It consists of categories, timelines, narratives, clarities, and facts…at least as much as we can know them. This is an instructive history, without which we can hardly claim to be a civilization. The History of History fills a new network of defined rooms of varying sizes.

The History of the Future is a discursive history. It thrives on speculations, unpredictable outcomes, and ambitions. This is a hopeful history, without which our optimisms have no choice but to fall silent. The History of the Future exploits the free space of newly opened up areas of the museum.

These two histories are distinguishable but inseparable. Each is a lense onto the other, invigorating a never-ending, and constantly evolving, animation of how we see our histories, our presents, and our futures.


Our project was a finalist in this international competition.

WW Project Team

Principals: Ron Witte and Sarah Whiting

Design Team: MacAulay Brown, Mary Casper, Sophie Eichner, Drew Heller


Historic Preservation: Harboe Associates / Gunny Harboe

Artist: Sarah Oppenheimer

Curatorial - Culture: Bryony Roberts

Curatorial - Art: Alison Weaver

Associate Architects

MetroPolis, Tirana, Albania